Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Answers to del.icio.us questions

Please post your question and answer which you wrote with your group in our workshop today relating to del.icio.us social bookmarks.


Anonymous said...

4. It will take awhile to fully understand all the information presented today.

I need more experience with computers especially a laptop, before I will be using all of this information presented today. However I find it very interesting and want to become efficient with my computer skills!

Anonymous said...

Can I make my own account and then use the buttons I already put on my tool bar?

You can make your own account. Click on the register button. Choose a username, type your full name, choose a password that is at least 6 characters and use at least one number, one character, or one symbol, type password again, type e-mail address, type code, click on register button.

After you make your own account, click on your “My Delicious” button and you will go to your own delicious account.

Then if you want to go back to your other delicious account, log out of this new account, and log in to that one. Whichever account you are logged in to is the one that the buttons will work with. The account that you are logged in to is the one that your bookmarks will post to.

Anonymous said...

How do we apply what we have learned today at the primary level?

The delicious site can be used to get comments from other teachers on topics at your level.

You not only find sites yourself, but through comments you may get other related sites

that will give you even more information. Ex. Guided Reading Games with Roy the

Zebra which appeared on our list.

It would be a good resource for help with strategies such as visual scaffolding, advance

organizers—giving students pictures of things they are going to learn about.

Anonymous said...

How do you get the tag at the top of your computer?

1. Go to del.icio.us/help/
2. Find Bookmarking on the page--May need to install "new" Firefox bookmark extensions. --Next Get v1.5 Now.Install add-ons. Follow the prompts. Restart Firefox
3. Go to Bookmarklet buttons for any browser
4. Find post to del.icio.us and my del.icio.us. Click and drag the button to your bookmarks toolbar.

Anonymous said...

How do I categorize my entries?

Our best guess about organizing in del.icio.us, is that you do it through your tags and bundling. Specific words used as tags can help you structure your bookmarks so that you can easily find a specific site. Once you have several bookmarks within a given topic, you can then bundle them together by using the “bundle tags” at the bottom of the right hand bar.

Anonymous said...

How much this will be used in your classroom will depend on your grade level, content area and access to technology. It will be a useful to organize all of your bookmarks, making it easier for students to access the sites you want them to use in the classroom.

Anonymous said...

How do I download the stopwatch?

Go to the del.icio.us site for goodlandpd.

Sign in.

Locate the http://widgets.yahoo.com/gallery/view.php?widget=35979

Install as instructed.

Anonymous said...

How/Why are we going to use Del.icio.us for classroom curriculum? (purpose, advantage)
The advantage and purpose of using del.icio.us is to gather all of your websites for classroom use in one location. With the information readily available, students can have a “one-stop-shop” for curricular websites and materials.

Sheryl Carson said...

How can I incorporate art videos in my classroom?
United Streaming has videos that you might want to check into. Ask Karla Murray (our district tech person) about registering. United streaming breaks whole videos into smaller segments that address individual concepts that you are presenting to the students. You can save these on your hard drive. I do this and save into appropriately labeled folders for easy access. Then I hook my computer to a projector for presentation, often I insert video clips as part of a PowerPoint or Keynote lecture presentation. These United streaming videos clips can be very short, which actually work very well for students. Sometimes I put them on my desk top for presentation (not as a part of PowerPoint) so it is ready to show when the appropriate time comes during the class period. I google topics and find sites with info that I am seeking, as well.

Anonymous said...

how does del.icio.us help me? and in teaching my class

I could use this to categorize subjects for teaching, such as great web sites for addition. Also, I will be able to share other people's websites.

Anonymous said...

How can we use this at the primary level?

We can use this in the primary classroom to share ideas and get ideas from other teachers. We can also bundle the bookmarks and use the bundle to hot link from our webpage so that students have access.

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